holiday lightsFrancine looked forward to the upcoming holiday. It wasn’t often that she could wear her snickerdoodle costume with its bells and jingly-jangly danglies. She felt light and airy as she flew over the sparkling violet seas. Stopping on a small cheesecake island for a breather and beer, she marveled at the monkey’s zen. It would be a good day, she thought. Finally she would be embraced again in the five arms of her beloved Cameron. It had been a long time since his transformation, and would be longer still until the spell wore off. And that is what holidays are for, don’t you think?


[The above was originally written as a response to a writing prompt on Microfiction Madness. The full prompt is below]
Write a 100 word or less story or poem about a holiday, any holiday.
Include the words cheesecake and snickerdoodle.

David J. Kent is the author of Tesla: The Wizard of Electricity (2013) and Edison: The Inventor of the Modern World (2016) (both Fall River Press). He has also written two e-books: Nikola Tesla: Renewable Energy Ahead of Its Time and Abraham Lincoln and Nikola Tesla: Connected by Fate.

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