Black tearA silhouette, not quite human
Treated, like an animal
A shadow, not a man
Nothing to stop the bloodshed, not bible or quran

Sirens wail, the shadows do the same
Shots ring out, a man fills an urn
Black tears, fall like water
Black lives matter, or not, lambs to a slaughter

A bell is rung, the end, or is it?
When, when will it end…

[The above is in response to the writing prompt that follows my further comments below]

Those who have followed my creative writing and responses to writing prompts will realize the above is a drastic departure for me. I felt this prompt required something different; something that stretched my limits, and poetry is clearly not my normal literary form. Whether I succeeded or not is less important as the stretching exercise itself, though I hope too that readers can see a deeper meaning despite my limitations in expression.

[The full prompt: Write a 100 word or less story or poem about the following theme: Black Tears. Include one or more of the following words: narcissus, tar, shadow, urn, silhouette, bell or cookie. And extra points to anyone who uses all seven words.]

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