Bogie and Bacall“I’ll have a sarsaparilla, Mack.”

Bogie scanned the joint. The piano player banged out a lively “Turkey in the Straw” as the dame flashed her ankles to entice the boys into buying more whiskey. Hoots and ten gallons filled the air and the shots kept on pouring.

Then he spied her. She was a looker, just like the dandy had told him. He could have walked over but Bogie decided on a different approach – he whistled, then gave her a look like he Be-Calling her over.

“Kiss me, kid;” Kiss me like you have and have not before.


Response to a writer’s prompt on MicroFiction Madness:
Write a 100 word or less story or poem set in the old west. You can write an old fashioned western, or combine it with another genre like sci-fi, romance, mystery, etc. Include the word sarsaparilla.

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