Bela Lugosi as DraculaUsually I don’t open the door to unsolicited knocks, but this was Halloween and the requisite offering of candy must be made. Seeing the guy dressed as a vampire wasn’t much of a surprise, though it seemed odd there were no kids with him. His costume looked more real than store-bought, the face unnaturally ghoulish, and I swear blood dripped from his fangs. A feeling of foreboding began to rise in my soul, and then, to my horror, the would-be Dracula uttered in a Bela Lugosian voice: “I’ve been paving your neighbors driveways and would like to offer a discount….”

[The above is a response to the following microfiction prompt by Anita Stewart: New Prompt for Halloween: There’s a knock on the front door. Outside is either a zombie, a vampire or a man in a hockey mask holding a knife. This individual is either lost, selling something, or looking for someone. Open the door and write a 100 word or less story or poem about your visitor.]

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