A Change of Irony

Boffins have spoken, buffoons are now broken, the answers are a token of reality as days become warmer and near. Floridians seek higher ground as the mounds of Olympus shirk their glacial melt to the rising seas. Minnesotans prepare for a longer growing season…the reason they call treason yet it sure beats freezin’, a consensus they most gladly concur. Washingtonians, the Pacific Northwest kind, see shellfish decaying as the oceans acidify beyond comprehension of the mind. Ah, but the globe, it does change, as water deficiencies drain the strength of Central Asia, Africa, and the Serengeti range.

But the change most noticeable is that in the District, where the tea has turned bitter and the martinis now lubricate Congress for action instead of delay. The lobbies are now full of post-fossils found Jesus who advocate now for subsidies to breezes. The change, they say, comes from corporate responsibility runaway, like the climate that warms their new quay. But scientists know better, the change that did drive was the global change in the weather.

So now the same folk who claimed climate change was a joke now choke on their words and beg. More money, they say, will help make the warm go away, but give it to us, not to they. It is we, they demand, who deserve to receive the vast billions in subsidies galore. We’ve taken from you for decades, that’s true, but now we need more to switch away from what made us billions before…so we can make billions even more while claiming responsibility for saving the planet from ourselves.

Global change indeed.

The above was in response to a writing prompt. The idea was to write a “prose poem” on the subject of global change. I interpreted this with respect to global warming. Instructions on how to write prose poetry are here. In general, prose poetry is written without standard poetry formatting, but could contain some poetic elements (e.g., rhyme, alliteration).

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